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12th Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite” June 14-24, 2017 at Pafos

Back 24 June 2017

We celebrate the ranking in TOP 100 Best reviewed festivals among 5.500 film festivals worldwide according to Filmfreeway and we kindly invite you to participate in the various activities of the 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, June 14-24 at Pafos.

Please express your interest by email at or tel 99798112.

“Pegasos Cinema Lab” – June 14-22,  Pafos. MAKE A SHORT FILM IN PAFOS!

Script contest, reviewing and analysis, storytelling development, casting, pre-production, shooting, post-production. A script contest is running for a short movie that will be filmed in Pafos. It will be screened during the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards Ceremony at the 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, on June 24.

“Women filming in Greece and Cyprus” – Saturday June 17,  Pafos, 17:00

Discussion round table with distinguished women that have previous film experience in Cyprus. A selection of films will be screened during the festival for the new category for the “Cinematic Aphrodite Award”. Submissions are still opened. All film genres are accepted regardless the year of production.

“Masterclass  International Film Co-production Development” – Sunday  June 24,  Pafos, 11:30

“Bach in Brazil” – 10 years Coproduction Development with the acclaimed German film director and producer Ansgar  Ahlers.

This year, Pafos as the Cultural Capital of Europe, attaches great glamour and shine to the festival. Apart from the artistic global interest, with applications from 95 countries from six continents, the festival gives a new opportunity to Greek and Cypriot directors for international participation, a step for new filmmakers with their first short film to enter in the categories of “CYIFF Got Talent” or “Klaketa first” and also with the first feature film in the category of “Golden Aphrodite”.  All other films are elible for the Veteran’s category in feature and short films.

The festival will show films by directors of diaspora in the “Nostimon Imar” and in 2017, it launches a new category: “Women filming in Greece and Cyprus” where a female filmmaker will win the “Aphrodite Cinematic Award” for a film she was involved in the production in Greece and/or Cyprus.

The film screenings will be hosted in Pafos from June 14 – 24 at the University of Neapolis amphitheater, as well as in the renovated cinema ATTIKON on June 18, 19 and 20, in the programme Celebrating PAFOS 2017-European Capital of Culture”.

The dream team:

  1. Petra Terzi, Founder, Film Director, Producer
  2. Maria Palmer, Film Producer, Programming, Film Critic
  3. Bejay Browne, Journalist, Film Director, Producer
  4. Wen Antoniades, Film Producer, Public Relations