Master of Construction Management

Master of Construction Management Description

The Master of Construction Management is unique in both Cyprus and Greece. The construction sector was for many years the locomotive of the economy, and the need for qualified scientists is high. The Master of Construction Management offers significant benefits to managerial executives, project engineers, the relevant supervision staff and other professionals engaged in construction and land development, who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the management of construction projects, improve their managerial skills and prepare for advancement and opportunities for leadership positions in the construction industry. The Construction Management Degree aims to provide quality education in all aspects relating to the successful management of construction projects.

The graduates completing the Master of Construction Management will have gained:

  • An in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the knowledge of this field, and above all the essential back ground to reach the best possible construction projects in terms of scheduling, management of project funds, audit and risk management, with emphasis safety and health, administration and organization involved in the project and use the most advanced technologies in different construction phases
  • All theoretical knowledge and analytical skills and critical thinking that will allow them to pursue with success management positions in private firms and public agencies involved in construction
  • The required knowledge and sensitivity to understand the importance of sustainability and the wider environment in the construction sector
  • An international perception of the construction industry that with the development of technology, is constantly expanding and is highly competitive

“Overpopulation, the awakening of environmental consciousness worldwide, modern materials and new technologies in the construction sector enhance its role in the societies and economies. The specialized knowledge offered is an ultimate tool for anyone who wants to star in a competitive and efficient environment construction in the near future.”
Dimitris Antoniou Assistant Professor of Architectural Design & Technology

Master of Construction Management Structure

The Masters Course approaches holistic studying in Construction Management, a study that provides expertise in the management of construction projects and the management of construction companies. The Master of Construction Management adopts a multidisciplinary approach, providing excellent and comprehensive knowledge of all individual theoretical, analytical and practical aspects of the field of Construction Works.

The courses taught in the Master of Construction Management covering all key aspects of construction project management, such as health and safety on site, risk management, scheduling and costing of construction works, environmental sustainability and the development of land and construction of buildings, contract management and legislation relating to construction projects.

Preparing tomorrow’s leaders in the construction industry.

The Construction Management degree also includes courses on the operational and financial management of construction companies and the Department of Management of Construction Projects, where students focus on developing the management plan for a specific project. The Programme concludes with the ‘Research Seminar and the dissertation, which gives students the opportunity to delve into a topic of their choice in the construction, but also to develop their research skills. The total number of credits required for the successful completion of the Master of Construction Management is 90 ECTS.

Career Prospects

The construction industry has very high temporal demand, significant remuneration, but it is highly competitive and demanding. Graduates of the Master of Construction Management will have a comparative advantage in claiming administrative positions in a wide range of companies involved in construction and real estate development, such as construction companies, building contractors, land developers, construction management companies, etc. You can also claim and senior positions in relevant government departments, like the Department of Public Works.

Duration of studies

The Master of Construction Management lasts four semesters and is ideal for attending during weekends, as to be accessible to those who work and live far away from Pafos. Courses are taught in Greek and English.

The Course Structure of the Master of Construction Management is as follows:

CodeCourse TitleECTS

Semester: 1

CONS501 Construction Safety and Health 6.0
CONS560 Construction Project Management 6.0
REAL539Sustainability and Environmental Issues
in Real Estate Development

Semester: 2

CONS510Project Risk Management6.0
CONS550 Sustainable Construction 6.0
CONS555 Construction Management Workshop 6.0

Semester: 3

CONS540 Construction Law and Contract Management 6.0
CONS570 Construction Scheduling 6.0
REAL580 Real Estate Development6.0

Semester: 4

CONS530 Construction Financial Management 6.0
CONS590 Construction Business Management 6.0
DISS600 Dissertation Seminar 3.0
MDIS600 Dissertation21.0

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