Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LLM)

Master of Law (LLM) – Description

This Master of Law aims to provide a high-quality Programme for those aspiring to become successful law practitioners, consultants and academics specialized in International and EU Business Law. The curriculum is designed to explore the basics of International and EU Business Law and to prepare students for the increasingly complex legal transactions and negotiations, in areas such as banking, transport and energy. The core courses focus on the skills and knowledge needed to understand multi-jurisdictional legislation in the wider system of International and European Business Law.

The Master of Law provides up-to-date knowledge in many areas of law which constitute the field of International and European Business Law, such as commercial law, the law and regulation of competition, energy law, banking and insurance law, tax law and corporate governance. Lawyers and Law School graduates will additionally be provided with essential knowledge in Political Science and Economics and will be equipped with analytical, accountability and leadership skills in order to enhance their decision-making capacity and to promote good practice within the context of a changing and competitive International and Business Law environment.

The fundamental philosophy of the Master of Law (LLM) surrounding the Master of Law is to offer an empirical approach to the study of Business and Law, where the newly acquired knowledge and skills are combined with students’ experience to be promptly applied in the actual working environment.

This approach both broadens and deepens the students’ understanding in multi-jurisdictional legislation and cross-border legal issues. Additionally, the Master of Law (LLM) reinforces their skills of investigation, analysis, synthesis and creativity and helps them comprehend the role and importance of legal advice in international legal acts.

The Master of Law (LLM) requires the successful completion of at least 8 courses and successful completion of dissertation:

  • European Union Law
  • International Economic Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Competition Law
  • Energy Law
  • Banking Law
  • Private International Law
  • EMU and Economic Governance
  • European and Mediterranean Politics
  • Dissertation

The Master of Law with the direction in International and European Economic Law provides students with a comprehensive perspective of contemporary European and global legal system

Learning Outcomes

The main issue, in terms of learning outcomes of the Master of Law, is for the graduates to develop a broad understanding of the relevant legal framework and jurisprudence, particularly of the Court of EU.

Upon successful completion of the Master of Law (LLM) the graduates:

  • will understand the legal framework of the international economy and entrepreneurship
  • will have gained a global perspective based on understanding both the European and global legal system
  • will be specialists in the areas of legal negotiations and dispute resolution
  • will have thorough understanding of the legal principles governing the exercise of entrepreneurship in the EU and internationally
  • will have gained the ability to exercise effective leadership and interaction with groups
  • will have gained the capacity for critical and creative thinking, and comparison among various sectors related to each other (banking, energy, transport, etc.), but also the ability to analyse and solve the relevant legal issues
  • will have developed skills related to critical thinking
  • will have developed communication skills and teamwork.

Career Prospects

The Master of Law explores the basic elements of International and European Economic Law and prepares graduates to successfully handle complex legal actions and have an active role in the areas of legal negotiations, such as banks, businesses, transport and energy sector.

Duration of studies

The Master of Law (LLM) lasts two academic semesters. Courses are taught in Greek.


The Course Structure of the Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LLM) is as follows:

CodeCourse TitleECTS

Semester: 1

LLM530International Trade Law7.5
LLM560Energy Law7.5
LLM590 EMU and Economic Governance7.5
MEG520 European Union Law7.5

Semester: 2

LLM540International Economic Law7.5
LLM550Competition Law7.5
LLM580Private International Law 7.5
MEG560European Negotiation7.5



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