Graduation Ceremony 2017-18

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28th of September 2018, Time: 18:30 (Beginning of the Ceremony)
Coral Beach Hotel & Resort

1. Application for Graduation

Please fill in the online form through your moodle account, whether you wish to participate or not at the Graduation Ceremony, until the 18th of September 2018.

After the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that it is the students’ responsibility to check whether his/her personal details shown automatically in the online form are correct.

2. Togas

Graduates who will attend the Graduation Ceremony should make sure that they collect their Graduation gown from the A.N. Uniforms Company (14 Erechthiou Street, 8011, Paphos, Telephone: 99476582 / 99979875, Working hours: 9:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00) from the 10th September – 28th September 2018.

A.N. Uniforms will be at the Graduation Ceremony area, on the day of the Ceremony between 16:00 – 18:00 and students who didn’t manage to collect their gown on the dates given above would be able to collect it from there. This can be arranged after contacting the A.N. Uniforms Company.

The graduation gown consists of the toga, the hat, the tuft of the hat and the cape. The payment for the rent of the gown will be made directly at the A.N. Uniforms shops (€30).

The distinguishing colours of the cape of each school are as follow:

  • School of Economics & Business: Undergraduates – Black with Crimson, Postgraduates – Silver with Crimson
  • School of Architecture Land and Environmental Sciences: Undergraduates – White with Bordeaux, Postgraduates – Graffiti with Bordeaux
  • School of Health Sciences:  Undergraduates – Black with blue Postgraduates – Silver with blue
  • School of Law & Social Sciences: Undergraduates – Blue with white, Postgraduates – Blue with silver
  • Programme of Theology: Blue

Students are obliged to return the graduation gown back to the stores of the A.N. Uniforms Company by the 5th of October 2018.

Otherwise the store has the right to apply for additional charges. The same will happen in case of loss or damage of a part or the whole graduation gown.

Because of the formality of the ceremony, graduates are requested to wear:

  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White blouse or shirt
  • Tie (for men)
  • Black shoes

Jeans and sneakers will not be allowed.

3. Diploma issuance fee

The diploma issuance fee is 50€ and includes the issuance of the degree, the student official transcript and the diploma supplement. The fee should be paid by the 14th of September 2018

Payments can be made:

1)To the Accounts Receivables Department, (Offices 121-122, Tel. 26843356 / 26843334)

2)Through JCCSMART: (Registration Fees)

3)By direct bank transfer as per the bank details set out below:

  • Account Name: Neapolis University
  • Bank Name: Bank of Cyprus Ltd
  • Bank Address: Head Office 2, P.O Box 21472, 1599 Nicosia
  • IBAN Num.: CY68 0020 0189 0000 0001 0109 5800
  • Account Num.: 0189 01 010958
  • Swift Code: BCYPCY2N

In case of a bank transfer, please indicate in the deposit slip your registration number or identity/passport number.

4. Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal and Photoshoot

Students are required to attend the rehearsal of the graduation ceremony on the day of the Ceremony at 15:00 at the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort. The estimated duration of the rehearsal is 2 hours. Please note that it is important that the students take part at the rehearsal.

The photoshoot will take place during the rehearsal, until 18:00, and each graduate will have the opportunity to have his/her photo taken. At 18:15 the graduates will be requested to take their allocated seats.

Packages for Photos and Ceremony Video:

  • Package Α     €20
    • 4x photos, size 15x20cm
    • 1x DVD of the Graduation Ceremony
  • Package Β     €17
    • 3x photos, size 15x20cm
    • 1x DVD of the Graduation Ceremony

Students can order their photos and video on the day of the Ceremony

All orders are prepaid.

5. Guests

Each graduate may be accompanied by 3 guests. After submitting the graduation form, students can print a personal invitation, where the number of guests, invited by the student, is written.

Guests should present their invitation when entering the ceremony room.

The ceremony will begin exactly at 18:30. Therefore, graduates are required to inform their guests to arrive at the ceremony at the predetermined arrival time (between 18:00 and 18:20).

Note that guests are not allowed to take pictures, as there will be official video and photo coverage.

Graduation Ceremony of Neapolis University in Cyprus

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