Evanthia Zervoudi


Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods and Finance


Evanthia Zervoudi holds a 5-year Integrated Master in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences by National Technical University of Athens, a Master (MSc Diploma) in International and European Economics and Finance, an MPhil (pre-doctoral courses) and a PhD Diploma in Economics and Finance by Athens University of Economics and Business. She has more than 10 publications (book chapters and papers in peer-reviewed journals) in the fields of her scientific interests which include Classical and Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Decision Making under risk and uncertainty, Financial Management, Computational Economics and Finance, Derivative Financial Products, Asset Pricing, Banking. She has taught economic and financial courses with mathematical applications, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in Universities among which the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of the Aegean and the University of Athens. She has also participated as Associate Researcher and Special Scientific Advisor in various economic, financial and banking projects. She extensively works on economic and financial modeling using quantitative and econometric methods and optimization processes.