Maria Alvanou


Associated Teaching Staff


Dr. Maria Alvanou is a Criminologist (International Research Doctorate in Criminology- University of Trento) actively engaged in study of security issues, like: terrorism, various forms of extremist violence and radicalization to them, social unrest and the framework of prevention and countering measures for the forementioned phenomena. In her research she shows special interest about gender, with her doctoral thesis regarding women perpetrators in suicide attacks and her later scholar work on women and far right movements. Her postdoctoral research (supported by the IKY foundation) examined Internet incitement to terrorism. She holds a postgraduate studies title in History, Philosophy & Sociology of Law (AUTH).  She is a member of ITSTIME Research Team for Security, Terroristic Issues& Managing Emergencies (Catholic University of Milan) and the Radicalisation Awareness Network expert pool. She is member of international expert networks, has lectured and participated in conferences abroad and her teaching experience includes Greek Police schools. She is a Supreme Court Defense Lawyer and as a Mediator and Fellow of the World Mediation Organization she focuses especially on conflict. Currently as member of the Working Group “Covid19 and Viral Violence” she looks into forms of violence related to the pandemic with the support of CONVERGE (National Science Foundation-funded initiative headquartered at the Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder).