Stephanie Pantelides


Lecturer of Cognitive Psychology


Stephanie Pantelides is a Lecturer of Cognitive Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Neapolis University and the principal investigator of the MULTISPACE project funded by a Didaktor fellowship. She has previously obtained a BA in Psychology, a M.A in Cognitive, Educational, and Developmental Psychology with a focus in Cognitive Psychology, and a Ph.D degree in Psychology with focus in Cognitive Psychology and with strong emphasis on Research Methodology, from the University of Cyprus. Her research focuses on how people process, represent, and update spatial information encoded through different sensory modalities  (particularly vision and haptics) and language. Also, she investigates different factors that influence how people integrate spatial information derived through different modalities. She has also worked as a Post-doctoral scientist at the Center for Applied Neuroscience at the University of Cyprus. Also, she has previously held a position of Special Scientist at the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus where she taught courses of Experimental Psychology and Research Methodology. She has also served as a part-time lecturer and as a teaching/scientific collaborator at private universities in Cyprus. She has published several articles while also presenting her work at both national and international conferences. She has extensive experience on the experimental design and programming.