Centre for Environmental Studies

The Centre for Environmental Studies of the University is addressing the environmental problems by conducting interdisciplinary research and teaching in areas related to improving the quality of life and protect the natural environment of which is directly dependent. Particular emphasis is given to the conditions of Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean area.

The main objectives of the Centre include the provision of services, support and reliable information from the public and private sector, public awareness and shaping consciousness energy saving through the use of technologically advanced equipment of laboratories and qualified academic staff and research partners. The research results of the Centre are made public directly and promptly.

The Action Plan of the Centre includes scholarly environmental studies in collaboration with international centres, local public and private institutions and other foundations. The issues are studying the building energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy systems, sustainable, sustainable development, environmental management, and urban and rural planning, ecotourism, public health, entrepreneurship and economy. It also includes organizing special training seminars, providing expert opinions and advisory services and studies in cooperation with public agencies, foundations and private entities related to the construction industry of Cyprus.

By processing and promoting integrated knowledge on theoretical and applied fields, the Centre aims to become a centre of research and excellence in Environmental Sciences, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.