LLM in International and European Business Law

Objective Of the Master of Law In International And European Business Law The aim of the Master of Law is to provide a course of advanced study to those who aspire to   know the legal aspects of International and European business, in order to be... Read More | Share it now!


1.5 academic year (3 academic semesters, 90 ECTS) In accordance with the relevant announcements made by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, students have the opportunity to complete their postgraduate studies in two academic semesters (12 months) as long as they start the conduction of their Master’s Dissertation during the first or second semester of their studies, including the summer period. In this case, the completion of the Master’s Dissertation may be prolonged during the summer period, for one or two months. In any case, the total ECTS remain 90.


Students who attend and complete the Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LLM) will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and other attributes in the specific areas of expertise provided by the Master of Law. Specifically, graduates of the Master of Law shall therefore be able to:

  • Critically analyze case law that is relevant to the program module
  • Independently research legislative texts and ongoing legislative initiatives
  • Discuss the institutional framework of international and EU business law
  • Evaluate contract clauses that are used in the context of international transactions
  • Discuss the Europeanisation of business law in selected key aspects
  • Interpret the rights of private actors in the context of international and EU business law
  • Question the role of the State in the context of international and EU business law
  • Question the functionalities of dispute settlement in the context of international and EU business law
  • Independently conduct extensive and original research in specific areas of international and EU business law


The curriculum of the Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LLM) is as follows:

CodeCourse TitleECTSECTS

Semester: 1

LLM530International Trade LawCompulsory7.5
LLM525Internal Market LawCompulsory7.5
LLM560Energy LawCompulsory7.5
LLM577European Consumer Law – Electronic Transactions LawElective7.5
LLM575European Banking lawElective7.5

Semester: 2

LLM580Private International Law – International Transactions LawCompulsory7.5
LLM540International Economic LawCompulsory7.5
LLM555European Competition LawCompulsory7.5
LLM526EU Tourism Law Elective7.5
MPA585European Governance and Negotiations ProceduresElective7.5

Semester: 3

In order to obtain the Postgraduate Degree, the student’s evaluation must be successfully completed in 8 courses, as well as his / her diploma thesis.

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