ACCA Strategic Professional Exams Tutoring


Our University works closely with the ACCA and our Accounting graduates enjoy full exemptions from all nine Fundamental exams. To assist these graduates but also other candidates from outside the University who have the same exemptions and wish to obtain the very prestigious qualification of ACCA, we are offering a special programme of tutorials to assist students with their four Strategic Professional exams. These include Strategic Business Reporting (SBR), Advanced Taxation (ATX), Advanced Audit and Assurance and Strategic Business Leader SBL. The tutorials are delivered by very experienced practitioners with considerable experience in teaching ACCA professional exams and possess relevant professional experience.


Due to the nature of the Strategic Professional exams, the programme incorporates many strong practical components. Students are required to examine case-studies,  deliver professionally written reports and also go through intensive training in exam technique .

Modules are delivered during weekends, at least twice a month during the Autumn and Spring Semesters. The full syllabus material of all modules are delivered to students through face-to-face teaching during these weekends.

Support material for the lectures, including all electronic files used by the instructor during the lecture as well as any lecture notes that are distributed in class are provided on-line through Moodle. Moodle is also used for interacting with students and communicating additional material that may be relevant to the subjects taught; for providing material that students can review in preparation for the next class; for providing material and feedback to students in the context of formative assessments aimed at helping them to better understand and learn the material taught.


For more information, please contact Prof. Andreas Hadjixenophontos at [email protected] or 26843413