IT Services

The Information Technology (IT) Services support the teaching, research, and learning information technology needs of faculty, students, and researchers at the Neapolis University Pafos and consist of:


  • Wired and wireless networking of offices, laboratories, architectural studios, restaurant, dormitories and the rest of the building facilities of the University Campus
  • Online access to Library resources, such as the Library catalogue, e-books and e-journals, etc.
  • University Learning Management System (NUP Moodle)
  • Development and maintenance of Registry systems and other databases
  • Help Desk to offer assistance on software and hardware issues
  • Software services, such as implementation, customization, licensing, training and support
  • Hardware implementation, maintenance and support, as well as technical support to all electronic facilities across the campus
  • Network administration and servers maintenance
  • Design, maintenance and support of public and internal web sites of Neapolis University Pafos, as well as of the corresponding infrastructures (Internet and Intranet)


  • Wired and/or wireless workstation access offering internet, library catalogue, e-books, e-journals, e-mail utilities and e-learning services
  • Computer Lab supplied with thin clients for network access, desktop applications and internet, as well as with computers fully equipped with the appropriate educational software
  • Printing Services via a client printer server system
  • Copying Services using the Library Card
  • Scanning facilities
  • Videoconferencing utilities
  • Classroom equipment, such as interactive boards, and media, covering all teaching areas, such as amphitheatres, seminar and teaching rooms.


The following is a list of software packages supported and licensed for academic purposes:


You can contact the IT HelpDesk:

By Dialing: +357 96581821

By sending an e-mail: [email protected]