Users of the Library with acquired membership and with no outstanding charges, have the right to borrow library material. They must show a valid Library Card whenever they wish to borrow. No items may be removed from the LRC without first being formally issued as a loan. Any removal or attempted removal of an item without complying with this procedure constitutes an offence and renders the user liable to disciplinary action. LRC users will be held responsible for all items issued on their Library Card until they are returned to the LRC and duly discharged.

Type of User Max number of books Loan Period (days)
 Faculty members 8 30
 Graduate students 5 7-15
 Post-graduate students 5 7-15
 External users 1 7-15
 Administrative personnel 2 7-15


All categories of users are entitled to renew twice the borrowed material with the precondition that it’s not reserved (requested) by another user. After the expiry of renewal you may not be reissued the material provided that three (3) days are over. Renewal of loan can be made either by email, telephone or in person at the Help Desk of the Library.


You may reserve items that are already on loan. In this case, the user that has borrowed the material cannot renew his/her loan. The book is kept at the hold-shelf for three (3) days from the date of return and the users are served on a first-come first-served basis (depending on the day and time the reservation was made).

Library Card

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