Print Collections

The NUP Library has collections of printed books on the academic disciplines taught at the Neapolis University. This collection is constantly developing and includes reference material, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, manuals, reports, etc. Limited evidence of non-academic content to meet the larger spheres of interest of academic and local community are also available.


Our book collections are divided into three main categories:

  • General book loan: These books are regularly loaned, depending on the user loan limitations.
  • Short-term book loan: These books are classified in this category by faculty members to support teaching and research in a specific
  • Non-loanable books: These books can be used only in the Library. This category usually hosts reference material, as well as the first copy of each book that is designated as a textbook.


The NUP Library runs several subscriptions to printed journals. These printed journals cannot be loaned.