Erasmus+ Program

The programme that will change your life!

The ERASMUS is the most important programme for mobility and cooperation in higher education in Europe. If you are a student your participation in this program, gives you the opportunity to study or do practical training abroad. The participation in the Erasmus programme will be unforgettable and unique experience, which can play a key role in professional and personal life.

By participating in ERASMUS:

  • You will travel and meet new European Countries
  • You will participate in other educational systems and will benefit from them
  • You will discover and experience the history and culture of another country and thus broaden your horizons and knowledge
  • You will gain self-awareness, independence and confidence
  • You will accomplish various academic or personal goals
  • You will expand the circle of acquaintances, become more sociable and your network of friends will become international
  • You will enrich your language skills and will add an additional qualification on your CV
  • You will gain new experiences.

The ERASMUS Office of Neapolis University in Cyprus is ready to answer your questions and direct you on how to take part in this unforgettable experience. In addition, you can find more details about the programme on the University website, such as bilateral agreements and needed forms.

Inter-Institutional Agreements

Based on the Erasmus Program Guide, all Erasmus mobility for studying and teaching between Higher Education Institutions shall take place as part of an inter – institutional agreement between the Higher Education Institutions each of which holds a valid Erasmus Charter (EUC).

This agreement is signed by the official representatives of the two institutions and indicates the number and the level of mobility for students and/or staff.

The inter–institutional agreement may be extended to cover the cooperation between institutions in the field of student mobility for placements (working experiences / traineeship) in business abroad.

Neapolis University in Cyprus maintains numerous agreements with other European Universities.

Inter-Institutional Agreements