Visiting Scholars Programme

Visiting Scholars At Neapolis University Pafos Pafos Cyprus

Neapolis University Pafos has a diverse and active international Visiting Scholars Programme, hosting visiting researchers from around the world. The programme is open to academics and PhD candidates from other institutions wishing to undertake research and to take part in the academic life of the University. The University welcomes applications from individual scholars who wish to spend periods from two weeks (as a minimum) and up to two years at the University.

A Visiting Scholar whose application is successful will be granted affiliation to the University during their visit. They will be offered desk space, and they will have access to the University library and IT facilities, a University email address, contact with a mentor who will be a member of the University’s academic staff, and the right to attend seminars and lectures at the University.

Neapolis University Pafos will expect Visiting Scholars to host a seminar within the University and present research findings to staff and students before the visit ends. In addition, any outputs produced during their time as Visiting Scholars at Neapolis should acknowledge this. Visiting Scholars will, also, be required to write a short report providing feedback on their visit and detailing what has been achieved.

Visiting Scholars will not be charged any fees by the University however they have to find, and pay themselves for, their accommodation (the University will be able to assist them with finding accommodation).

A Visiting Scholar can fall into the following categories.

  1. Visiting Professor
  2. Distinguished Scholar (For leaders and career professionals with proven professional achievements)
  3. Visiting fellows and PhD candidates (resident or non-resident)

In particular:

A Visiting Professor will be a Visiting Scholar who holds a Full or Associate Professorhip at their home institutions, and whose duration of stay can be decided based on the needs and terms of the chosen department. A visiting professor may also apply for funding through third-party institutions financing such positions.

A Distinguished Scholar will be a mid-career career professional with proven professional achievements and leadership skills. In such circumstances, we accept leaders with a proven professional track record of teaching and research. Such positions may be self-funded or jointly-funded by other by scientific and research promotion institutions or the University.

A Visiting Fellow is a scholar that may be resident or non-resident on campus (their preference should be noted in their application). This constitutes a research fellowship whose duration can be decided based on the needs and terms of the chosen department, the proposed research work, and the timeline.

If you are to be resident on campus, you could apply and be considered for office/desk space under conditions and space allocation approval from the University management.

Specifications for visiting scholars (residency or non-residency):

For Visiting Professors: 

  1. Provide CV
  2. Provide proven evidence of career achievements
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Your professional publications.
  5. Reason to join the school and department
  6. Intentions of Research
  7. Which class(es) will you teach (under first coordination with the respective school/department)?
  8. Timeline of extra-curricular activities.

For Distinguished Scholars. 

  1. Provide CV
  2. Provide proven evidence of career achievements
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Any professional publications.
  5. Reason to join the program (statement of purpose)
  6. Intentions of Research and visiting lectures.
  7. Timeline of activities.

For visiting fellows and PhD candidates (resident or non-resident) 

  1. Provide your CV
  2. Any professional publications.
  3. Reason to join the program (statement of purpose)
  4. Intentions of Research and visiting lectures.
  5. Timeline of possible activities.
  6. Specify which school and department you wish to engage with.
  7. Specify whether you wish to be a resident or non-resident fellow. (Junior or senior) and on which basis you chose so.

Note: For all research fellows, the University shall not incur any financial burden during the scholarship/fellowship period, however, it does  welcome any third source of funding that meets the University’s academic standards. As such, possible candidates need to find and pay themselves for any expenses they incur as a result of the scholarship/fellowship (i.e., their travel, food, or lodging).


No financial burden shall be placed on the receiving department or school or on the University campus. If you are a resident fellow or scholar, you may share or be granted temporary office unless one faculty member wishes to share an office.

In General: 

Upon your successful candidacy, you will be provided a letter of acceptance with general guidelines.

Upon completing your tenure at the University, you may ask the Human Resource Management to provide you with a letter of confirmation of completion of your said position.

  • Office space: For any or all positions of residency, one could be considered for office/desk space under conditions of the university approval and based on space allocation abilities.
  • Access to the library: Access to the University library and online access is achieved through the NUP portal.
  • You will be granted: Email access while also physical and online library access to the databases of Neapolis University Pafos. Note that utilizing the email of the Neapolis University Pafos includes several legal policies concerning its professional and sound use. You will be notified accordingly, as this is a professional email account.

Upon your start at our University, your full name, title, and affiliation should be put into correct use under the university rules and policies. You should disclose those to all publications and professional events such as public lectures/talks/interviews etc. Your affiliation will last for the duration of your affiliation with the University.


While you are at Neapolis University Pafos, a “mentor” (from a permanent academic faculty of the department/school) can be appointed for your support.

You may also choose to mentor students, assuring the utility of your experience to the academic expectations, namely in postgraduate and doctoral students, in coordination and first agreement with the head of the Department or School.

The scholar will be provided the right to attend seminars and lectures at the University and attend the university community events that will take place.


Neapolis University Pafos expects all visiting scholars

  • to host at least one seminar within the University/school/department or university-wide.
  • To present their current research and findings to staff members and students before the visit ends.
  • To use the University name and affiliation. Visiting Scholars of all levels should always add their academic title in its completed form in any of their academic/professional publications.
  • To complete a report upon completion of their visiting scholarship. Upon completing tenure at the University of Neapolis Pafos, visiting scholars must write and deliver a short report providing their completed outcomes and feedback on and about their visit detailing what was expected and achieved.
  • In the case of bookwork, to acknowledge the work conducted at Neapolis University Pafos, or if writing a book begins and is concluded during their affiliation at the University, they should use the affiliation as a prime title.

Upon completion, the scholar/fellow will provide a detailed report of the achievements made throughout the duration of the scholarship/fellowship at the University. In addition, a written report should be provided to the head of the department of your school of choice based on your specialisation.

In addition, upon your start at University, your name, short bio, Orchid/Scopus ID, and a picture will be requested to be added to our university website. Note that a GDPR officer will contact you to provide your consent to use your affiliation details -photo, bio, cv, and others to comply with European Union and the Republic of Cyprus regulations.

How to apply: 

All Visiting Scholar positions are open throughout the year. We also advise contacting the Head of School/Department/or faculty before applying.

To apply for any of the above positions, please email [email protected] with the subject ‘Visiting Scholars Programme application’, attaching your CV , a description of how you plan to spend your time at Neapolis (up to 1000 words), as well as the other documents noted above.

In your email, please state which of the five Schools of the University you will wish to join. CC the Dean & Head of Department. Applications can be submitted throughout the year, as aforementioned. There are no deadlines. However, any fellowship is preferred to start at the beginning of the academic year unless you wish to engage for a semester.

Upon acceptance of your candidacy, we will provide an official letter to you. It will be provided and signed by the head of the department, and a copy will remain at the Human Resource Management and the files of the Secretariat of the Department/school. The letter will include specific duties and expectations while also clear elements pertinent to university policies.

Upon completion and as aforementioned, the HR department can provide a letter confirming your tenure period upon your kind request.

If you need support with any visa documentation (for non-EU non-Schengen Agreement members), please let us know to provide some consultation and reasoning for such a request.

Neapolis University Pafos is committed to promoting equality and diversity. Therefore, we welcome applications from scholars from all backgrounds and career stages who will be able to pursue high-quality research and engage with existing researchers within the University community joining us from around the world.