The aim of this project is to develop Body Image and Inclusive Physical Activity [BIIPA] curricula, a 7.5 and 15 ECTS set of teaching modules for students who will become teachers, healthcare professionals, physical education teachers, qualified sports coaches, public health, and health promotion professionals, and stackable micro-credential courses to serve as continuing education for people already working in these professions. University teachers with experiences in the different education programs, and pedagogical experts in developing new curriculums will build an expert consortium.

The outcome will be that the participating universities will be able to offer courses about Body Image and Inclusive Physical Activity at their institutions consisting of 7.5 or 15.0 ECTS credits and three, 1.0 ECTS Micro-credential courses for self-directed learning via the project’s website. By implementing the curriculum (teaching modules) in different academic courses for physical education teachers, health care professionals, coaches and so on, we would like to sensitize future health, sport and educational professionals to the relevance of body image, physical activity, and socio-emotional health problems, and to build the capacity of university teaching staff beyond the consortium to embed inclusive practice throughout other university curricula.