Jean Monnet Chair

Dr Georgios Pavlidis of the Law School submitted and won the Jean Monnet Chair for the period 2020-2023. The Jean Monnet Chair Project at the School of Law of (NUP) aims to improve the quality of teaching of EU law and Criminal Law at our institution with emphasis on cross-border asset recovery. It also aims to support original research on existing and proposed instruments and strategies that target criminal proceeds in the EU in the post- Lisbon era.  Three existing taught undergraduate courses (Law of the European Union, European Comparative Law, Investigations) will be reformulated to build a solid knowledgebase on EU law. A new fourth undergraduate course will be introduced (European Criminal Law) dealing with more specialized topics in this area, such as the harmonization of substantive and procedural criminal law, the European Investigation Order, the European Arrest Warrant, the role of Europol and Eurojust, etc.
The research activities and events under this proposal will give greater visibility to this field of study at national and regional level. EU law and its developments about the proposed research topics constitute an area of cutting-edge research and the School aspires to support actively the conduct of similar high-level research in EU studies. The promotion of knowledge sharing thought the proposed mechanisms (website of the Chair, knowledge database, working papers, organization of events) in the key areas of this proposal falls within this objective.