Marketing Laboratory

The Marketing Laboratory is part of the School Of Economics, Business And Computer Science of Neapolis University Pafos. The vision of the Marketing laboratory is to become a center of marketing knowledge creation and dissemination, aiming to address emerging issues of business, brand and markets development, from a marketing and entrepreneurship perspective. The mission of the lab, is to identify contemporary research problems and provide solutions that empower enterprises, organizations, entrepreneurs, social stakeholders and consumers, to co-create value and mutually beneficial relationships. The work of the lab aims to benefit various societal stakeholders and economic sectors (i.e. such a retailing and value chains, professional and consumer service sectors, food and beverages firms, NGO and non for profit organizations etc) and generate social impact for all. The Laboratory is mindful of latest developments and trends in best marketing practice, including digital marketing, customer engagement, networking and business relationships, social media and customer issues and strives to generate work that advances current marketing knowledge, for the benefit of both, academic and professional stakeholders.

The objectives of the lab are:

  • To conduct research to further create and disseminate knowledge to students, the academic community and society at large;
  • To use applied research to further develop the existing connections of NUP with regional and international business sectors;
  • To disseminate research results to the learning paths of the undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs of Neapolis University Pafos
  • To enhance research capabilities and research-informed teaching within the taught, research and further learning programs of NUP
  • To develop research collaborations with fellow institutions, independent researchers and collaborative links with industry, focusing but not limiting our interests on the fields of retailing & retail management, entrepreneurship & innovation, digital marketing, digital business, marketing management, media communications & branding, services management, consumer issues & consumer behaviour, marketing research, qualitative and quantitative methodologies and the enhancement the internalization of SDGs.