Our department of History, Politics and International Studies is a point of reference for both Cyprus and the

The main objective of the Greek Language (G.L.S) is the teaching of the Greek language to non-native residents,

The School of Social Sciences,
Arts & Humanities

Welcome to our School

On behalf of our academic and administrative staff, we welcome you at our School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities at Neapolis University Pafos.
We are a dynamic, young school that strives for scientific development and excellence in scientific teaching and research but also collaborations.
Our members, experts in their fields are here to guide you to your next steps in your academic and scientific life but to also help you grow, as young or mid-career professionals.
This is a life’s journey. Complete with dreams and endeavors that we will realize together through a successful study path, that will lead to your graduation through our Bachelors, Masters and Phd Programs.
Our graduates and post-graduates passionate to build more are keen to lead in the national, regional and international markets, whilst graduates of our School.
For which school, faculty, admin and graduates we are proud of.
Feel free to explore our site and most importantly to join our team of people of diverse accumulated knowledge and national and international experience.

We wish you a pleasant and successful academic journey at one of the most vibrant and international universities of Cyprus
Welcome to Neapolis University Pafos.

Our Partners

The School of Social Science, Arts and Humanities is a member of the academic association for contemporary European Studies (UACES).