Neapolis University Pafos offers a variety of options for parents and students as well as working professionals for studies in high-demand subjects, with high employability!

Through its 5 Schools and 9 Departments, Neapolis University Pafos offers 10 bachelor programmes, 20 master programmes, and 5 doctoral programmes, a wide range of high-quality academic studies in various fields where students can choose what suits their interests and aspirations best. Additionally, the University offers several Distance Learning Programmes, without requiring the physical presence of students at the university.

Neapolis University Pafos and all its programmes are fully recognized by the Republic of Cyprus, the European Union and many other countries worldwide.

Our graduates’ employability rate is extremely high, exceeding 95%, and in several programmes, it reaches 100%, which demonstrates the university’s dedication to designing programmes closely connected to the job market.

Opportunities for parents and students for budget-friendly studies in a family environment!

Besides offering competitive tuition fees, Neapolis University Pafos offers a compelling scholarship program. Furthermore, life in the university’s dormitories and campus, located in the safe yet vibrant city of Pafos, ensures an affordable and pleasant living suited for University students.

Gain prestige, reputation, and increase your income through your collaboration with the international and recognized Neapolis University Pafos!

As our university has been established as one of the top universities regionally and globally, your connection with us will enhance the prestige and recognition of your organization in the education market.

Our collaboration will also have financial benefits for your business, leveraging our competitive reward programs. Additionally, we can explore joint initiatives, such as seminars, open days, scholarship grants, and other actions that you may propose.

Give your students the opportunity to shape their future!

Offer more options to students who have not succeeded in the national or other admissions exams, do not wish to enroll or attend the institution they have been accepted to, or even those who ultimately do not wish to participate in admissions exams. Through our partnership, you offer your students the opportunity to shape their educational future as they wish, regardless of any failures in previous exams or wrong choices.

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