Open Access Policy

NEAPOLIS UNIVERSITY PAFOS (NUP) understands its responsibility to provide the public with unrestricted long-term open access to academic research results published by its faculty members and other members of its research community in accordance with the Open Access principle and the National Policy of the Republic of Cyprus for Open Access to Scientific Information

 In this context, the NUP Council has adopted the NUP Open Access Policy published below. NUP joins forces with the growing list of universities and other research institutions with an Open Access policy in Cyprus and abroad.  

 Open Access Policy  

 The term “open-access” denotes the principle of making academic research results available online, free of charge. 

 NUP encourages its researchers to publish their work on open-access platforms and supports a variety of open-access publishing strategies. This Open Access Policy is implemented by considering any legal provisions and any other publication traditions of NUP researchers. It shall be noted that NUP researchers’ free choice of publishing media remains unaffected by this Policy. 

The overall target of this Policy is to include a full-text version of all NUP academic publications in NUP’s institutional repository HEPHAESTUS, as long as no legal obstacles to this form of publication are given. 

  • NUP suggests that its researchers preserve any exploitation rights; for example, in the publishing contracts with publishers, NUP staff should retain the right for a secondary publication in an open-access format. 
  • NUP strongly recommends its faculty members keep open-access principles in mind when they act as editors or reviewers of other researchers’ academic publications. 
  • NUP offers a number of different means of support for its researchers’ open- access activities. 
  • NUP provides its researchers with the financial support and the infrastructure necessary to publish their work digitally in an open-access format. 
  • The NUP Library’s Open Access Office acts as a university-wide coordination hub and contact for open access-related issues. 
  • NUP participates actively in open access-related collaborations on both a national and international level. 

HEPHAESTOS, the Institutional Repository of Neapolis University Paphos

The Open Access Institutional Repository accumulates all the digital material of the University’s various research activities.

HEPHAESTOS collects and disseminates doctoral dissertations, postgraduate and diploma theses prepared at the University. At the same time, the repository contains other research material, such as technical reports, publications in journals, and conference proceedings published by the faculty members and researchers.