Intelligent Systems Laboratory

The Intelligent Systems Laboratory is part of the Department of Computer Science of the Neapolis University in Cyprus. The laboratory aims to develop solutions to a variety of different everyday problems, as well as push forward the computer science industry. The main focus of the research laboratory is the development and advancement of disruptive technologies, such as Robotics, Internet of Things(IoT), Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Blockchain. Intelligent Systems Lab is interested in the design and control of systems that autonomously adapt to different situations and cope with our uncertain and dynamic daily environment. In search of smart solutions, the laboratory takes inspiration from humans and animals with the goal to improve the skills and autonomy of complex systems. The members are driven by the immense challenges faced by robots with imperfect sensors and incomplete knowledge of the world operating in unstructured environments.


The focus of research of the Lab is the following

Axis 1: The mission of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory is to acquire and establish a strong presence and contribution to international dialog and scientific developments. The ISL should actively support cutting-edge and high-level research in the fields of: Pattern recognition, Internet of Things, Image Processing, Multicore systems, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, Digital Signal Processing and Blockchain. In addition, ISL aims to develop and consolidate scientific and research collaborations with other institutions and centers of research and innovation.

Axis 2:  ISL participates in the educational process of the Department of Computer Science.

Axis 3: The ISL’s collaborations with social/institutional/industry stakeholders enable the use of relevant actions in the educational process. The two-way interconnection of the ISL with society and its various productive and cultural institutions is a high priority, which becomes even more important, as Neapolis University is the only university in the province of Pafos, Cyprus.