Centre for International Tourism Research

The Centre for International Tourism Research is part of the Department of Economics and Business of the Neapolis University in Cyprus. The Centre participates in the educational process of the Department of Economics and Business and conducts interdisciplinary research and offers training related to tourism. It also acts as a vehicle for academic staff, students, and partners of the University to conduct basic and applied research in the field of tourism. The Centre communicates any new findings to members of the tourism industry, the government and local authorities, and helps to shape the policy in the public and private sector, which will lead to the improvement of the tourism planning and to the promotion of tourism.

The focus of research of the Centre is the following:

  1. Strategic Planning, Hospitality Management, Destination Management and Marketing, including assessment of tourism development plans and strategies.
  2. Αnalysis of the impact of tourism, including economic and social analysis of important activities and the recognition and prediction of the effects of proposed tourism development plans.
  3. Analysis of the Regional Tourism Development, which focuses on market development of alternative forms of tourism in Pafos, in Cyprus and in the wider Mediterranean region.
  4. Focus on research in the fields of European and International Tourism Law.
  5. Development and consolidation of scientific and research collaborations with other institutions and centers of research and innovation