Counseling Centre for Psychological Support and Evaluation

The Centre for Psychological Support and Assessment – S.K.E.PS.I.S – operates under the supervision of the University and aims to promote research in specific areas of human development and offer consulting services to both students and the wider community. The S.K.E.PS.I.S provides assessment services, diagnosis and assistance to guests with personal, educational, academic, social, work and family difficulties, which hamper the adaptation and functionality in the academic community and the wider society. With strict confidentiality and respect for humans, S.K.E.PS.I.S focuses on providing psychological support in areas such as:

  • Individual, group, marital, child and / or family counselling and psychotherapy
  • Professional evaluation and career counselling
  • Counselling for learning disabilities
  • Skill psychological assessment, emotional disturbances and learning disabilities
  • The design and implementation of educational programs and prevention programs.

At the same time the S.K.E.PS.I.S is one of the bodies of practical training for undergraduate and postgraduate students in psychology programmes.

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