Neapolis Research Notes (NRN)

The Journal


The most important challenge faced by students (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral candidates) is the transition to knowledge and learning.

In our effort to enhance innovation and learning, research and knowledge, we created the Neapolis Research Notes, a peer-reviewed scientific journal for the students. Students are invited twice a year to send their texts for publication. Students’ texts should meet all the criteria explicitly defined by the journal in order to be accepted for peer-review evaluation.

All the above and the procedures up to the selection of the texts of the students to be published in the journal are explicitly mentioned in the journal regulations.


Our vision is to create a living space for exchanging ideas in order to produce new knowledge. We would like our students to tackle with new ideas, to confront them on the basis of rigorous academic practices and through an adventurous and often fascinating quest to dare to express their academic positions freely and unlimited.

In this way, Neapolis University Pafos, from a Regional University in Cyprus, will slowly become a living space of creation and exchange of ideas. A living cell of the society of Pafos and Cyprus.

Our main goal is to publish the best texts of our students in every subject that is cured by the Neapolis University Pafos. The journal will be published twice a year.

Know-how and Innovation

The accepted text will be published through the Neapolis University Pafos.

All texts will be open to the readership to promote the exchange of ideas. In the next period, efforts will be made to integrate the journal into the international open access indexes such as the Directory of Open Access Journal and Google Scholar.

The texts will be published in English or in Greek.


The real challenge is to pass on to our students the importance of international academic excellence and adherence to strict academic standards. For this reason:

Twice in the course of the semester there will be specialized workshops for the writing of scientific articles by specialized researchers, which will be open to the students.

Every two years, the journal will host an international student conference to foster exchange of ideas.

In the future, for the development of closer relations with the local community, an open call for publication will be considered for all university students in Cyprus.

Our concern is that all students will have access not only to the sources of knowledge but also to the process of acquiring it.

About the journal

The journal is an open access journal that is published by the Neapolis University Pafos.

We invite all undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to send us their research papers for publication in all research subjects of the Neapolis University Pafos.

The purpose

The main purpose of the journal is to promote research and academic excellence in all subjects of the Neapolis University Pafos, through the publication of the students’ research papers. The research papers can be articles, review articles, and book reviews. The journal is committed to providing students with a free space for the exchange of ideas.

Types of publications

Neapolis Research Notes publishes:

  • Research articles (7,000 to 8,000 words);
  • Review articles (4,000 to 6.000 words) which critically examine the literature and research direction of a particular topic of interest;
  • Special issues;
  • Book Reviews (up to 1.500 words);

Peer Review Process

All research papers will be subject to peer review evaluation. The reviewer’s decision will be passed from the editors to the authors. Any research paper could be accepted, rejected or it may be suggested to the authors to improve it.

Publication frequency

The journal is published online twice per year.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content to support exchange of ideas.