Migrant Info-Center (MIC). Project Number: CY/2016/AMIF/SO2.NO2.1.3

Creation / operation / management of Centers to provide support services

The Centers should provide at least:

  1. Information on labor market access / work orientation
  2. Information on housing
  3. Interpreting / translation services
  4. Escort services to government or other services to ensure better service and / or support to fill public and other documents, where necessary
  5. Information on education / training and health care issues
  6. Information on matters of an economic nature
  7. Information on lawful residence procedures or other issues of residence in Cyprus
  8. Information on culture, and general participation in Cypriot society
  9. other information relating to current co-funded programs of the Asylum and Migration Fund (i.e. integration programs, voluntary returns, etc.) and / or any material that may be provided by the Relevant Authority.


  • University of Nicosia
  • Cardet
  • Neapolis University Pafos