Neapolis University Faculty has a long teaching and research activity in their area of interest and motivates students to develop skills of research and the ability to learn autonomously towards achieving academic excellence. We encourage you to meet our faculty!

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Savvas Chatzichristofis

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Head of the Department of Computer Science

Coordinator of the Bachelor in Applied Computer Science

Anastasia Reppas

Professor of Educational Administration

Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Business

Coordinator of the MPA: (Direction Educational Management)

Andreas Hadjixenophontos

Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance

Coordinator of the BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance and MSc Accounting and Finance

Sofia Daskou

Associate Professor in Business and Customer Management

Coordinator of the MSc in Digital Marketingκ and ERASMUS

Michael Georgiades

Assistant Professor of Computer Networks

Coordinator of the MSc in Data Analytics and Financial Technology

Andreas Masouras

Assistant Professor in Communication and Marketing

Coordinator of the MBA

Achilleas Karayiannis

Programme Administrator of MSc in International Sustainability Management

Assistant Professor in Sustainability, Innovation, Organisational Psychology

Christos Papademetriou

Assistant Professor in Management - Human Resources Management

Coordinator of the Distance Master in Business Administration (DMBA)

Giorgos Meramveliotakis

Assistant Professor of Economic Theory and Policy

Coordinator of the Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Coordinator of the MSc in European Politics & Governance

Christos Goulas

Christos Goulas

Lecturer in Educational Administration and Design of Educational Programs - Lifelong Learning and Education.

Dmitrii Botov

Assistant Professor in Generative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Eirini Vlassi

Lecturer, Management and Marketing of Tourism Businesses and Destinations

Coordinator of the MBA in Tourism

Sotiris Apostolopoulos

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Development

Coordinator of the BSc in Business Administration & Digital Business

Andreas Walmsley

Research Fellow in Tourism and Hospitality Business and Entrepreneurship

Konstantinos Zagoris

Lecturer in Databases and Distributed Systems

Coordinator of ERASMUS, InternshipInternship, Student Affairs

Elena Kakoulli

Lecturer in Information Systems

Coordinator of the MSc in Information Systems and Digital Innovation (conventional and Distance)

Zach Anthis

Lecturer Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA)

Elena Polydorou

Visiting Lecturer – Teaching Assistant in Simulation Tools Support