Stelios Charalambides


Visiting Lecturer


Dr. Stelios Charalambides has a B.Sc. in Mathematics with courses in both pure, applied and discrete mathematics as well as several courses in Physics, a M.Sc. in the area of Algebra and a Ph.D in the area of Rings and Modules. He also has eight years of post-doctoral experience and twenty-one years of teaching and research experience in almost all levels of education (Secondary and Tertiary). He worked as a visitor Professor, a Lecturer, Special Teaching Staff, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tutor, Teacher, and Research Assistant in seven different universities and two colleges in three different continents. He has taught a great range of courses in mathematics and statistics which were aimed at students in mathematics, information science, biological, social, medical and engineering sciences. His research is concentrated in the following areas: Lie algebras applications to integrable systems, ring theory with emphasis on torsion theory, injectivity, σ-injectivity, injective hulls, extending (CS) modules, direct sum decompositions, Noetherian and semi-Noetherian (Max) modules and rings, chain conditions on annihilators. He is the author of a book, a book chapter and six peer-reviewed articles. He has participated in several international and national conferences, seminars and workshops in mathematics, both as a speaker and an attendee.