Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Lab is housed in an independent space of 200 m2 in the campus area, constructed at a level slightly lower than the ground level, having perimetric natural lighting from a series of skylights and a 24-seat capacity lecturing/presentation area.

There are four established laboratories

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Equipped with a compression and tension test machine, as well as machines for torsion, buckling, bending and shearing tests

Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Featuring an earthquake simulator (shaking table) designed to reproduce and analyze seismic excitations

Concrete Technology Laboratory

Designed to meet the educational and research requirements in the field of concrete technology It has a press and other equipment for testing concrete in cure condition

Land Surveying Laboratory

Designed to the meet educational and research requirements in topography and geodesy It is equipped with a geodetic station, an integrated GPS system and a three-dimensional printer

Computer Aided Design Laboratory (CADLab)

Located in the library area, comprising 20 computers with 8 core i7 processors and modern graphics cards Software requiring high processing and computing capabilities is installed on these computers, such as AutoCAD, 3 DS Max, Revit Architecture, Photoshop, Rhino, SAP 2000 ETABS CSI, HoloBIM, MATLAB, etc.

Computer Science Lab

The University has two computer labs used for our computer related classes. These run typical desktop and word processing softwares on Microsoft Windows to support your studies, plus dedicated software for teaching, including programming languages.

Architecture Labs

The Department has 2 studios, beautiful and highly atmospheric spaces for the students of the department of architecture which can accommodate approximately 60 students each. Both studios are fully equipped with working tables, modern interactive whiteboards, have wired and wireless internet connection, individual lockers and library corners.

The Department also has the following equipment:

  • Wood Workshop (with work benches and tools appropriate for furniture and model making)
  • 3D Printing Studio (2 x 3D printers)
  • Laser Cutter for mdf/wood
  • Two plotters
  • 2D and 3D hot wire cutting and vacuum forming machinery

Architectures Computer Lab

The architectures lab has 20 computers which are equipped with software of general use, as well as with software specially designed for Architecture (AutoCAD 2017, Rhino etc.). The lab can be used from all the students of University supplementary to the main computer room.

Teaching spaces

Lecture Classrooms

Classroom with university level desks that face the teaching area. All classrooms contain lectern/desks, with fully embedded technology.


Amphitheatrically designed room with university level desks that face the teaching area. Our Amphitheatre contains a lectern and an interactive whiteboard with fully embedded technology.