ERASMUS+ Traineeship

Erasmus Traineeship program

All registered students (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD) of Neapolis University have the right to participate in Erasmus Traineeship program. Students who have completed the first year of studies are eligible to participate in the program during summer period. Students who have completed the last year of their studies are eligible to participate in the program from the date of their graduation until 12 months. Priority is given to students who have not participated in the Erasmus Traineeship program.

Host Organizations

The Erasmus Placement could be occurred in European Countries that are participating in the Program, in organizations, companies, research centers, Universities and other organizations except from European Union members or Embassies of the students’ country.

Students have the right to have an Erasmus Placement in the following Countries: Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , France , Germany , Denmark , Greece , Estonia , United Kingdom , Ireland , Spain , Italy , Croatia , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Slovakia , Slovenia , Sweden , Czech Republic , Finland, Iceland , Liechtenstein , Norway , Turkey and FYROM

Aims of the program

The mobility of the students and graduates for Erasmus Placement aims to:

  • Help the students and graduates to learn and enrich their knowledge concerning the labor market in the Countries of European Union
  • Give them the chance and the opportunity to enhance specific language knowledge and gain professional experience
  • Contribute the development of a team whose members will have open mind and international experience.

If you are interested in finding host organizations for Erasmus placements please visit the following webpages


You can also ask help from the academic members of Neapolis who have connections with companies or organizations in Europe.

You can communicate through email with Universities, Companies or research centers.

Erasmus+ Grant

Every student/graduate who has been accepted for participating in the Erasmus Program, will get a grant from the Erasmus Program. The amount depends from the duration of the placement and the Host Country. The grant covers the most expenses of subsistence and travelling.

Participation in the program

The students who are interested in participating in Erasmus Traineeship program should send their application form to the Erasmus Office of the University.

Students who are interested in placement during summer have to submit their application form until 31th of March

Graduates who intend to start their placement in January should submit their application until 30th of September of the previous year.

International students cannot participate in the program after they graduated since they need a valid student visa to issue a Schengen visa.

For more information you can contact the Erasmus Coordinator, Ms. Iliana Keli at [email protected]  and 26843346

You can also find information on the webpage of ERASMUS+: