Erasmus Committee and International relations

The Committee is composed by:

  • Associate Professor in Business and Customer Management- Dr. Sofia Daskou – Chair [email protected]
  • Department of Architecture and Geosciences – Dr. Evathia Dova [email protected]
  • Department of Civil Engineering – Dr. Natia Anastasi [email protected]
  • Department of Real Estate Appraisal and Development – Dr. Thomas Dimopoulos [email protected]
  • Department of Psychology – Dr. Lina Efthyvoulou [email protected] / Dr. Antonia Zachariou [email protected]
  • Department of History, Political and International Studies – Dr. Eleni Gavriil [email protected]
  • Department of Accounting and Finance – Dr. Demetra Demetriou [email protected]
  • Department of Law- Dr. George Demetriades- [email protected]
  • Department of Economics and Business –
  • For Academic and Administrative Staff Mobility: Dr. Georgios Deirmentzoglou [email protected]
  • For Student Mobility: Dr. Patroklos Patsoulis [email protected]
  • Department of Computer Science – Dr. Michael Georgiades- [email protected]
  • Administrative Personnel Representative – Mr. Andreas Charalambous
  • Institutional Erasmus Coordinator for the University Ms. Iliana Keli

The Committee can have meetings in the presence of minimum five members. The members in bold must be present at every meeting of the committee.