Incoming Staff

Neapolis University in Cyprus welcomes applications for Incoming Staff who wish to participate in the Erasmus Program for training or teaching mobility. The applications will be sent to the Erasmus Office and the Erasmus officer will forward the application for approval to the Erasmus Committee and then to the appropriate Department or School. The hosting department is responsible for organizing a work plan based on the interests of the visiting staff as well as the expectations of the members of staff concerning the outcomes of the training.

How to apply:

  1. Visit Neapolis University Website and select the School or Department you wish to attend
  2. Contact the responsible person of the School/Department in order to have a discussion about the teaching or the training mobility
  3. Discuss the available dates of the visit
  4. Prepare the teaching program (academic staff)  or the work plan (administrative staff)
  5. Send the teaching program or work plan and wait for an invitation letter from the host School/Department that will be sent to you by email


  • Incoming Staff (academic or administrative) must be employed by a partner institution of NUP with which there is a specific agreement for staff exchange
  • Your application and arrangements must be completed at least three months before your arrival at NUP
  • A mobility grand is provided by the home institution of the staff member
  • Staff members who wish to participate in the program should have a comprehensive medical insurance