Student Clubs & Facilities

Student Clubs

Neapolis University Pafos runs a wide range of Student Clubs which individually have their own student committee. The list below shows all registered Student Clubs (not all of them are active). Registered clubs or suggested clubs can be activated if enough students are interested.


Restaurant /Cafeteria

The on campus restaurant offers a wide selection of homemade food with a choice of local and international dishes. The restaurant area is designed and adequately equipped to function as a cafeteria and hosts a variety of entertainment events.


Neapolis University Pafos has its own gym and training personnel. It features a variety of gym instruments for any type of exercise.

Opening hours: To be filled


The Neapolis University Pafos swimming pool is Xm long at full length. The depth of the pool ranges from Xm at its most shallow point to Xm at the deep end. The pool features an artistic fountain in the middle which compliments the surrounding greenery of the outside area of the campus. Pool entry is free of charge but it only can be used in the presence of one of our lifeguards which can be requested at the reception area. Pool rules must be always followed or entry to the pool will be denied.