Financial information

Neapolis University Pafos, taking into account the difficult financial conditions of the students and their families, has significantly reduced its tuition fees. The University offers students various ways of payment of the tuition fees, as well as scholarships and discounts with various criteria (e.g. high school-leaving certificate grade, excellence in sports activities, funding difficulties, members of families with many children, etc.). More details are provided on the relevant application form found in the Financial Support section. Under the section Select Online Payment Method students may find instructions on how they can pay there tuitions fees online.

For more information on tuition fees, scholarships and financial aid, please contact the Αdmissions Οffice to the phones +357 2684 – 3368, 3367, 3308 και 3384.

Financial Support

The Neapolis University Pafos, provides financial support based on academic or non-academic criteria for students to continue their studies at the University. The Neapolis University Pafos has enacted the criteria and the procedures to ensure meritocratic treatment for all applicants.

Select Online Payment Method

All payments for tuition and accommodation should be made in Euro currency with the following payment options online. Students are required to include the number of their student identity:

  1. Visit the following page
  2. Click on the type of payment you want to make
  3. Enter your e-mail address and your password
  4. Enter your full name, your student ID number, when you start your studies and the amount you want to pay