The UNESCO Chair at NUP: Neapolis University has the honor to be the host of a prestigious UNESCO Chair, which has been awarded in 2023 to Dr. Georgios Pavlidis to further promote his teaching and research in «Human development, security and the fight against transnational crime and illicit trafficking in cultural property». The UNESCO Chairs program, which involves over 850 institutions in 120 countries, supports cutting-edge academic research and teaching, to advance peace, sustainable development, and human rights by facilitating collaboration and dialogue among nations.

By hosting the new Chair, the NUP aims to further increase its active involvement in reflection groups and transnational research activities and to encourage the participation of the academic community and civil society in the debate on the challenges of globalization. The UNESCO Chair at NUP fosters the development of existing and new teaching and open educational resources, while research activities and events will give greater visibility to this field of study at national and regional level. The promotion of knowledge sharing though a working papers series and a knowledge database also fall within the mission objective of the NUP School of Law, which aims to consolidate a strong contribution to the discussion on the challenges of globalization, in particular development, security, and the fight against transnational crime.

The UNESCO Chair Holder: Since 2013 Dr. Georgios Pavlidis [add link] is member of the permanent academic staff at the NUP School of Law and with over 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals in English, French, Spanish and Greek has an established reputation and experience in the field of international and EU law.

Research partners: Τhe UNESCO Chair at our University is proud to have the support of international institutional partners, such as the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security (University of Graz, Austria), the UNESCO Chair on Distance Education (University of Brasilia, Brazil), the Institute of Conflict Resolution (Bulgaria), the UNESCO Chair on Peace Studies (Nanjing University, China), the Masaryk University (Czech Republic), the University of Leiden (Netherlands ), the SMU in Dallas (USA), etc.

Research associates:

Senior external consultant: Dr. Todor Kolarov, Associate Professor, Head of National and International Security Department, New Bulgarian University

Junior research associate: Leonardo Caus Sampaio, Economist, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Brazil.