Since June 2023 NUP is the host of a prestigious UNESCO Chair on “Human development, security, and the fight against transnational crime and illicit trafficking in cultural property” (2023-2027).

  • UNESCO Chairs are a global program spanning 120 countries and 850 institutions, aimed at promoting advanced academic research and teaching to foster peace, sustainable development, and human rights through international collaboration and dialogue.
  • The project, coordinated by Dr. Georgios Pavlidis, aims to develop teaching materials and open educational resources while enhancing the visibility of this field on both national and regional levels. The project aligns with the mission of NUP to contribute to the discourse on globalization’s challenges, particularly in the realms of development, security, and combatting transnational crime.
  • Our UNESCO Chair is proud to have the support of international institutional partners, such as the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security (University of Graz, Austria), the UNESCO Chair on Distance Education (University of Brasilia, Brazil), the Institute of Conflict Resolution (Bulgaria), the UNESCO Chair on Peace Studies (Nanjing University, China), the Masaryk University (Czech Republic), the University of Leiden (Netherlands ), the SMU in Dallas (USA), etc.

For more information:

Contact Person: Dr. G. Pavlidis, [email protected]