Design Measure in Digital Entrepreneurship (Erasmus Mundus)

Master in Digital Entrepreneurship (DMDE) offers a market-oriented mindset to international students by providing skills and competences on business ideas, starting of new (e)business, understanding and applying digital tools, developing design thinking on needs and preferences of future potential customers, etc.

DMDE will combine theoretical & practical knowledge by integrating industry case studies as a unique experience in an international joint study programme. The international dimension of the programme will be achieved through:

  • jointly delivering a study programme in 3 HEI (UET, FH-Joanneum and NUP) in 3 different countries (AL; AT; CY);
  • main target group are excellent students worldwide;
  • mobilities for enrolled students and academic staff;
  • partner and programe counties involved;

DMDE will be comprised of 120 ECTS organized in 4 semesters, with four key areas:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – Central skills are developed and strengthened through project workshops;
  • Service Engineering, Digital and Data Technologies, Tech Labs – Teach students on state-of-the-art technologies, service engineering and innovative business models. Tech Lab projects are all about the intimate links between theory and practice.
  • Venture Creation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Co-Innovation – Students gain important know-how on company startups and corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Startup Labs – Are the focus of the degree programme: Students apply their theoretical knowledge to develop digital business ideas in small multidisciplinary teams. Knowledge is provided from setting up a startup to driving innovation in a company. The Tech Labs provide technical support and allow them to try out digital or hybrid business models. The project-based interactive learning approach with inputs from multidisciplinary sources will increase employment opportunities for students. Successful completion of the program will award students with a Joint Master Degree in ”Digital Entrepreneurship”.