Information Literacy

The NUP Library Information Literacy program includes the following activities:

Tours and Seminars

  • Tours
    The Library offers tours to University students and to School pupils from Cyprus.
  • Introductory seminar on the use of Library
    This seminar is addressed to the new users of the Library and offers important information about: 

    • What to find in the Library
    • The basics of the Library services
    • The Library’s regulations
    • How to use effectively the Library
  • Resource search at NUP
  • A detailed seminar addressed to post-graduate students of the University.
  • Bibliographic management
    A short seminar on the use of bibliographical references is offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Leaflets and guides

The Library issues leaflets and guides that inform, instruct and assist the users to perform their information tasks in the Library and the Learning Resources Center. The Library has prepared the following units:

  • Library profile and application form (applies to external users)
  • Resource discovery tools and engines – how to use them effectively: there is a leaflet that aims to introduce to users the basic functionalities of the resource search tools of the Library and suggest ideas when and how to use them.
  • Navigate in the Library: a generic orientation plan to guide the steps of the users in the Library.
  • My Resources: posters that inform about specific resources of the Library for a course or a Department.

Library in Moodle

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