Non-Cooperated Libraries (Off Online)

NEAPOLIS Library, in order to provide comprehensive services to its students and to cover to the maximum possible level both geographically and academically the needs of their access to printed material books, etc., has prepared a complete online catalog, per geographical area including a total of about 160 Academics, Special, Research, Public Central, Legal and Technical Libraries, in order to significantly assist the academic effort and research of our student community. In addition to the list, there is complete instructions/information on what you are entitled to on a case-by-case basis, both for the use of lending service, access to reading rooms and materials, and for rights, services and conditions, communications, access maps, etc.

For Libraries not included in the Interlibrary Loan network, follow the guidelines provided per Academic Library / Organization in which your service is implemented as an external user/visitor status, without any of our mediation, but with your own actions.