The NUP e-learning program is supported via dedicated applications and services, which are provided by experienced professionals. The main delivery platform is Moodle, an open source Course Management System (or a Virtual Learning Environment – VLE), which is very popular among Universities around the world. Moodle is conceived as a powerful tool for creating web sites for the delivery of online courses.

The NUP Moodle platform is available both locally and remotely on:

Teachers can:

  • upload course-related material
  • post assignments
  • add course-related links
  • view and grade assignments submitted by the students
  • make remarks
  • communicate with students through build-in blogs and fora
  • view reports and statistics

Students can:

  • view the weekly outline of the entire content of all courses in which they are enrolled.
  • download course related material
  • download and submit assignments
  • view remarks concerning the submitted assignments
  • communicate with their teachers

The news and fora functionalities concerning course-issues can be initiated by any assigned participant (teacher or enrolled student) and can be accessed and commented by all other course participants.

The NUP Moodle is supported by the IT Services and the Library and all users of the platform have access to related handbooks in order to familiarise themselves with the system.