In order to have access to the Library you need to register and be a holder of the User Card.

The Library user must acknowledge and accept the regulations which are provided in detail in the document which is available on the right of your screen. Users are required to comply with the Staff’s instructions and respect the space and their colleagues. Users are advised to use any material or equipment with care. Any damage or loss of material must be restored or compensated. Ignorance of the Regulation cannot be accepted as an excuse for non-observance. Users are expected to respect the Library environment as a place of study and conduct themselves with consideration to both Library Staff and other users.

A User Card must be presented when taking out material. The Card is not transferable and the holder will be held responsible for all items issued on his/her Library Card until they are returned to the LRC and duly discharged. Any disorderly conduct in the Library, any behavior which unfairly inconveniences other users or causes damage or the risk of damage to books and library furniture, constitutes a breach of the Regulations. The person responsible may be penalized by the Librarian; this may include the suspension of access and borrowing rights.

Regulations for orderly conduct in the Library include the following:

  • Smoking is not allowed in the Library.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the Library. Users are expected to switch mobile phones to silent mode upon entering the Library.
  • Food and drink consumption in not allowed in the Library. Bottled water may be used.
  • Food must remain wrapped or in containers and must not be opened whilst in the Library.
  • The presence of animals within the premises of the library is prohibited.

The privilege of using or borrowing from the Library can be restricted or withdrawn by the Librarian if, in his or her opinion, particular circumstances demand so.

Regulation Text

Read the detailed version of our Regulation.