Interlibrary Loan

Entitled Interlibrary Loan services are offered solely to members of the University community solely.

The Interlibrary Loan services office receives requests from users in print or electronic format and forwards the orders as soon as possible to provide users of the library with articles in paper or electronic form and to secure the loan of material from libraries in Cyprus and abroad. Expenses are covered by the applicant; otherwise they are covered by the applicant. Cost depends on the supplier, the type of material (book, article), the way the item is sent (mail, email, fax), and the number of pages. Where loans, the borrower is solely responsible for any damage or loss of material.

The cost of the material reaches the Library is not received by the user remains a liability of the user to the library, where any delay in delivery not responsible Interlibrary Loan service. In case of default user loses the right of loan.


Initially the user should try to track the type of the material (book, article) at the Library Web OPAC or to our electronic resources catalogue in order to make sure that it is or not part of our collection. If not, then the user may send an email to [email protected]  including his personal data (Name, Student Programme, mobile number) and, of course, details of the material which will be needs to be ordered via interlibrary loan.

For any further information contact us to [email protected] or tel. no 26843313