Future of Living: Building Fire Safety – real estate and tourism

25/05 - 25/05 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Future of Living: Building Fire Safety – real estate and tourism
Fire safety-in-high-rise-apartment-buildings and in hospitality (hotels)


Tuesday May 25, 2021 

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Fire safety in high buildings as well in hospitality (hotels) has been a significant issue for engineers and architects for over 100 years. However, provision for occupant safety from such fires was only addressed seriously in the 1970s

We will discuss and elaborates on the need to provide both building- and occupant-based protection to achieve the best results with the most modern technology

This conference aims to focus on how the fire safety design and the safety of people is a priority and has a strong positive impact on the real estate market and on tourism


  • Davide LURASCHI
    Civil – Building Engineer –Msc
    Contract Professor Fire Safety Design and Fire Safety Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
    Associate at  L&A Luraschi e Associati – Ingegneria e Architettura
    Member of the board of directors -The Milan Order of Engineers
    Member of the board of directors – The Milan Council of Architects and Engineers.
    Member of the “Fire safety ” Commission” – the Milan Order of Engineers
    Fire safety design coordinator and designer: (Allianz Could Arena (MI), Fondazione Feltrinelli (Herzog e de Meuron) (MI), IBM headquarter (MI) Philips headquarter (MI)  the Expo 2015, new Real Estate compound (120 Mln euro), Theater, Hospitals, Office buildings etc).


  • Date: 25/05 - 25/05
  • Time: 18:00 - 20:00