Manthos Mattheou


Visiting Professor


Prior to his appointment as the Head of the Litigation Department of Michael Kyprianou & Co L. L. C. in Paphos, Manthos Mattheou had served as a District and Senior District Court Judge for 21 consecutive years acquiring in the process a wide-ranging experience of both civil and criminal procedure in the administration of justice in Cyprus.

Manthos Mattheou obtained his law degree from University College London in 1985 and after completing both his national service in Cyprus in 1988 as well as his traineeship afterwards, he was employed as a qualified lawyer by an established law firm in Paphos before setting up his own practice in 1991, also in Paphos, which he maintained for six years until his appointment in 1997 as an acting District Court Judge when he was posted to the District Court of Nicosia where he served from such post until 1999 when he was transferred to the District Court of Paphos.

Experience as a judge

  • Presiding over the trial of Civil Actions and Applications
  • Preparation of Judgments
  • Trial of Criminal Cases
  • Member of Assize Courts
  • Attendance of Competition Law Seminars at the European University Institute in Florence

Currently apart from his duties as the Head of the Litigation Department of Michael Kyprianou & Co L.L.C. in Paphos he will also be teaching Civil Procedure as a visiting academician at the local university of Neapolis, having already taught the Law of Succession, Civil Wrongs Law and the Law of Equity and Trusts in the academic years 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021.


University College London, University of London Degree name: Bachelor of Laws LLB (LON)(1985)

Career progression

  • 2019 Appointed Head of the Litigation Department in Paphos, Michael Kyprianou Advocates and Legal Consultants
  • 2018 Retired voluntarily from his position as Senior District Court Judge
  • 2009 Promoted to Senior District Court Judge
  • 1998 Appointed as District Court Judge
  • 1997 Appointed as Acting District Court Judge
  • 1991-1997 Set up and ran own law practice
  • 1989-1991 Practiced as a lawyer at Andreas Demetriades & Co LLC