Marilena Mousoulidou


Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology

Coordinator of BSc in Psychology


Marilena Mousoulidou is an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Neapolis University Pafos and the Program Coordinator of the BSc in Psychology. She received her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Leicester, UK (2010) and her BSc in Psychology from the University of Derby, UK (2004). She has worked as a visiting lecturer at various Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus, teaching a variety of psychology modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students (2010-2015). Since 2014 she has been a member of the Department of Psychology at Neapolis University Pafos, initially as a Visiting Lecturer (2014-2015) and subsequently as a faculty member of the Department.

Her primary research interests are in the areas of Cognitive and Developmental Psychology with a specific focus on the development of reading comprehension, the burdens children face until they become skilled readers and the interpretation of humour and metaphors in written language. Another research area that she is engaged in concerns the examination of the factors that affect one’s mental health across the lifespan, such as the effect of the pandemic on mental health, the influence of the language used in social media on the reader’s well-being, and the consistency of body image dissatisfaction across the life span. Lastly, her research focus includes examining forensic issues from the psychology perspective, such as aggression, victimisation, delinquency, bullying, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. She works on developing and applying prevention and intervention programs that aim to cultivate and improve the socio-emotional skills of children who adopt aggressive and violent behaviours. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented her research at many scientific conferences. She also participates in COST and Erasmus+ research programs in Europe. She is a member of the “Cognition, Emotion, and Language Laboratory (CELL)” and the “Eating and Appearance Research Laboratory (EARL)” of Neapolis University Pafos.

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