Architecture students at Neapolis University are connected with the Market

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Representatives and owners of the Architectural Offices and Interior Decorations Offices, met with the Rector of Neapolis University, Professor Pantelis Sklias, and the Dean of the School of Architecture, Engineering and Geo-Environmental Sciences, Professor Solon Xenopoulos.

The Rector of the University stated: “We connect the University and our student community to the labor market. We further strengthen our existing Liaison Office, as well as the remunerated (paid) placement of our students in professional organizations and businesses, both in Cyprus and abroad. We have integrated the placement course into the program curricula so that our students are able to acquire sufficient professional skills even before graduating. Today, an active network of more than 50 businesses and organizations, steadily increasing, strengthens and supports the University of Neapolis’ placement program. ”

The discussion highlighted issues related to the further strengthening of the network of enterprises that support the placement program in Architecture, while issues of improving the quality of the program even further, were also discussed. Impressive is both the number of companies that offered placement positions to students in the Architecture degree program and the fact that many of those students have already agreed to their employment, which demonstrates the high level of quality of study. Business representatives welcomed the quality of students and Architecture studies at Neapolis University and expressed their desire to continue their collaboration and participation in the program.

During the meeting the Dean of the School Professor Solon Xenopoulos, thanked from his side the representatives of the professional practices for their participation in the educational processes of the School. Furthermore, he expressed his personal agony with regard to the quality and the level of the students and graduates of the School. So he considers valuable to hear the impressions of the practices’ representatives from their acquaintance with the students. He also mentioned that as this is the first time this project is applied in the School, he considers any comments or recommendations as extremely valuable, in the further enrichment, of the specific course as well as the Program of Architecture in general.

The connection between Neapolis University in Cyprus and the Architecture program with the labor market is real, reinforced and based on sound foundations.

The Architecture students at Neapolis University Pafos are connected with the Market