Daily Cashback Discounts – BuyWay365 Collaboration

December 19, 2022

Dear NUP Students,

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Buyway365 Rewards App!

A free mobile app where students enjoy cashback discounts from participating businesses. The app works with any bank card with JCC security.

How it works:

Buyway365 cooperates with over 200 businesses/companies throughout Cyprus (Plato, Deloubak, Coffee Lab, Vitro Osteria, etc.), and when you pay with the debit or credit card you enter in the application (only the 16-digit number without additional details), discount in a form of cashback is immediately returned to your bank account by each company.

Note that you don’t show or say anything to the cashier, you just shop, pay with your credit card and leave. The link is done automatically by JCC which deposits the money back to your card within 24 hours. Also note that the offers are in addition to any other offer the business has. (If a clothing store is 50% off and Buyway365 is 10% off and you pay 50 euros for something priced at 100, you’ll still get 5 euros (minus a very small amount for handling costs) deposit to your card from the business via Buyway365).

You can now become a member by downloading the app for free from the following link:

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download the app for Free from Google Play or App store
  2. In the Promo Code that you will be asked for, (check your emails)
  3. Enter the 16 digits number of any card you will use for your payments
  4. Make your purchases with the card you have registered from the businesses participating in the BuyWay365 app

*You can register more than one card in the application.

*After your purchases, you will receive a refund the next day through JCC to the account of the card used!

You can be updated with our daily news from the Buyway365 page on Instagram and Facebook:

How to use video: