Open access for Researchers of History to Neapolis University Library’s Archival Material

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Within its attempts to harmonize itself with contemporary technological developments, recognizing the inherent value to open access to information, but also in recognition of digitization as a determining factor for the promotion and advancement of historical knowledge and safeguarding of cultural heritage, the library of Neapolis University in Cyprus has both digitized and accordingly documented the following material:

  • Cypriot newspapers circa 1880 to 1955
  • Dedicated Material from Cypriote newspapers circa 1880 to 1955
  • Collection of the “Blue Book” from 1887 to 1946
  • Rare handwritten documents and similar archival material from the Greek Sub-Consulate in Cyprus from 1887 to 1900

The above mentioned material is available electronically to all historical researchers via Neapolis University in Cyprus “Hephaestos” Digital Platform ( under the heading “Digital Collections

A debt of gratitude for this initiative is owed both to the hard work of the University Library Staff, the University’s graduate and postgraduate departments of History and the University’s Center for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research.

History researchers have free access to archives of the Library of Neapolis University in Cyprus

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