School of Architecture Students Shine at Nationwide Competition

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Students from Neapolis University’s School of Architecture distinguished both themselves and the University at a Nationwide Architectural Competition launched by the Cypriote Science and Research Centre.

Within the innovative and ambitious spirit of the CSRC’s “European Research Program”, The University of Cyprus launched a nationwide Architectural Competition amongst students from the all of the nation’s Schools/Departments of Architecture. Students competed to design the CSRC Center at the University’s campus in Nicosia.

Of the thirty proposals submitted in total, seven were from Neapolis University’s School of Architecture. Three of the seven proposals placed fourth, sixth and seventh respectively.

The proposals were:

  • In 4th place, proposal by Konstantinos Katsifas, Irini Telidou, Agapitos Kouros
  • In 6th, proposal by Eygenios Zingas, Neofytos Christofi, Lazaros Theofanous, Giannis Spyrou
  • In 7th, proposal by Chariklia Georgiou, Ilona Paraskevaidou

Worthy of mentioning is that only half of all submitted proposals received any marks from the Judges at all, and that in accordance with competition regulations, Judges were not allowed to vote for proposals coming from their own Institutions.

The competition’s Judges consisted of representatives from Cyprus’s four Schools of Architecture, one representative from Italy, and one from Denmark.

All proposals from Neapolis University in Cyprus were by 7th semester students from the Architecture program’s Studio Design Course. Instructors for this semester were Professor Solon Xenopoulos, Dean of the School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences, and Dimitris Antoniou, Assistant Professor in Building Design and Technology.

Important success of students of the 7th semester of Architecture of Neapolis University in Cyprus

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