Meeting of the Student Council with the Rector of the University

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A meeting of the Rector of Neapolis University, Professor Pantelis Sklias, took place yesterday, Tuesday 4/12, with the newly elected Student Council of our University.

Prof. Sklias congratulated the new Council and wished the students a fruitful and productive academic period.

During the meeting, issues such as the activation of student groups as well as the participation of the students in the evaluation processes and the wider operation of the University’s institutions were discussed.

A new meeting with the Student Council was scheduled next Monday to discuss concrete actions to strengthen these initiatives.

Student Council:

President: Andreou Xenios, BSc Business Administration (4th year)

Vice-president: Vidakis Michael, Law (3rd year)

Secretary: Hasan Theofilos, Applied Computer science (4th year)

Deputy Secretary: Sachmpasidis Michalis, BSc Business Administration (4th year)

Treasurer: Papaloukas Leontios, Law (3rd year)


  1. Poniridou Irene, Law (3rd year)
  2. Tzouvelaki Maria – Evangelia, Architecture (4th year)
  3. Andreou Andreas, Applied Computer science (1st year)
  4. Lambrou Chrysovalantis, BSc Business Administration (3rd year)
Meeting of the Student Council with the Rector of Neapolis University in Cyprus